In some cases, a retail typeface just doesn’t cut it. For those occasions, Bureau Roffa offers customisations, extensions, and even completely custom typeface or lettering designs. Selected projects are shown below.

Ragged Edge asked for a customised version of Proza Display to be used by Bombay Sapphire Gin. The most notable changes are in the R, f, g, and y. It featured in the worldwide Stir Creativity campaign, on key billboards and social media.

A stencilled version of Proza Display is used to display a poem on the Beukelsbrug, near the monumental Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam.

Limontjello (pronounce: lee·mon·tjel·oh) is a local Dutch brand of limoncello. It is produced by hand, using organically grown lemons, sugar, alcohol, and water. Bureau Roffa designed the logo, packaging, and promotional materials.