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Proza Display is the eye-catching counterpart of Proza, consisting of 12 styles (6 weights + italics). Together, Proza and Proza Display form a large family of 24 styles, which are all equipped with plenty of language support and opentype features. Proza Display was made to function especially well at large sizes, drawing the reader's attention with its beautiful and slightly eccentric shapes.

Its large character set (support for 200+ languages) and opentype features make sure that Proza Display doesn't let you down, while its classy design helps you to make a visual impact. Proza Display is only offered in .otf format, which is a cross-platform format, offering loads of typographic goodness.

Proza Display's italics are not just slanted, but redesigned to create a more script-like structure, which is enforced by the addition of Swashcaps, for extra elegance. The ascenders and descenders in Proza Display are slightly less tall than they are in Proza, making it more space-efficient. 

Proza Display is spaced and kerned tighter than Proza, to suit its use at bigger sizes. For those letter pairs that kerning just doesn't do the trick, a total of 37 ligatures have been added, many of which are for Swashcaps and lowercase combinations.

Proza Display has a lot of really useful opentype features. Swashcaps make your Italic caps look extra elegant, and automatically take care of swashy ligatures as well, such as ‘Th'. Smallcaps are slightly taller than x-height, and more generously spaced, adding some classiness where needed. Allcaps are not just lowercase transformed to uppercase, but also include altered punctuation marks such as parentheses, hyphen, at, and more.

There are two sets of ligatures in Proza Display. Standard ligatures you are used to, such as ‘fi' and ‘fl', but also discretionary ligatures such as ‘tt' or ‘ffj'. Typing 2/3 will automatically create a fraction if the fraction feature is turned on. Proza Display includes 9 sets of numerals, such as oldstyle, lining, and tabular, so you will always be able to use the right numerals for the right situation. For any questions about Proza Display, contact me.